Restarting My Blog And Catching Up!

Hahaha well guess who’s back! Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room… I totally abandoned this blog and haven’t posted in over 2 years! Aaahhhh! So basically, the other day I was sat, procrastinating from A level revision (as always), and remembered about my blog from when I was 15 and thought it would be interesting to check it out again! It was like a trip down memory lane reading through all of my blog posts and I really enjoyed myself (even if it was a little cringy!), but it made me remember how much I loved blogging and how much I would love to get back into it! So here I am, two years later, now aged 18!

Well A LOT has happened these past two years! I completed my GCSEs with 6 As and 3 Bs so went into sixth form to study biology, geography, philosophy and ethics. So between 2016-2018 I have been completing my a levels and have almost finished my exams for Summer! I am hoping to go to university in January to do adult nursing and am incredibly excited for this opportunity. Interestingly, I found a blog post (I think it was the Best Friend Tag) where I said that I really wanted to be a nurse when I was older! Well 15 year old me, your actually doing it! Well as long as I manage to get the grades in my A levels to actually get into university! I would love to document my journey as a student nurse, what I learn and my experiences in the future as I struggled to find many nurse bloggers or youtubers to help out those hoping to apply to become a nurse (probably as they are to busy!). I just wish there had been someone to have blogged about nursing as that would have been really helpful in the application process, interviews, etc! So look out for this post, it will hopefully be coming in a few weeks.

In the mean time, I am getting a job in order to earn money before I head off to university. As I do not start till January I have plenty time to save up until I become a full time student and move away! I would also love to document my experience as a student and my experience of moving away from home and living in student halls! Let me know if you would be interested in this!?

I have also done my fair share of travelling since my last post! I wen to the bay of Naples in Italy in April 2015 with my school as part of a geography trip. We got to see some amazing things such as Pompeii and climbing Mount Vesuvius! I then went to Zakynthos with my family in the summer which was lush! I love visiting Greek islands as I just love everything about them; the food, people, beaches, the bars and more! We are going back here this summer and I am very excited! My family and I then went to France and travelling around camping for a couple of weeks in the summers on 2016 and 2017 which was super different and a very interesting way to holiday! I loved experiencing lots of different areas of France all in one holiday. Then perhaps my favourite trip of my whole life was when I went to India in July last year. I am going to do whole post on this trip as it was just amazing and life-changing to be quite honest!

Overall I am so excited at the idea of properly restarting my blog and have lot’s of different ideas in my head for future blog posts! I feel so positive and cannot wait to really get back in to swing of things! I am hoping to post at least once or twice a week starting next week as my exams are finishing on the 19th of June! I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading.

If you have any other ideas for blog posts you can leave a comment below or tweet me at my new twitter (linked here) or on Instagram (linked here). Also please send me links to all your blogs as I would LOVE to check them all out!

I hope to see you soon!

Rachel xx

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  1. 14/06/2018 / 3:34 am

    Hi Rachel! oh my gosh I am so excited for you! I can't wait to read your future post(: Welcome back to the blogging community girl. You should definitely post about your journey through university that would be really interesting!

    Nikki O.

  2. 14/06/2018 / 7:26 am

    Thank you so much! Your support means a lot! xx

  3. 14/06/2018 / 9:39 am

    Welcome back to the blogging community. Sounds like you had a busy few years, you should defiantly post about your university journey, I would be interested in reading about it. Looking forward to reading your future posts!

  4. 14/06/2018 / 9:43 am

    Thank you! I am really excited to write about my university journey and glad that you are looking forward to my posts just as much as I am to write them! xx

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