15 Beauty Hacks That Really Work

I have always loved reading blog posts or watching YouTube videos on beauty hacks then trying them out myself! I am incredibly lazy and love any tips or tricks to make my life easier. So I thought I would write a post on some tried and tested hacks that actually work and are really useful. These can be easily implemented into your makeup routine and used everyday to make your life 10 times more simple!


  1. No fan brush, no problem! – This little hack is so useful if you are travelling and forgot or didn’t have space for all of your makeup brushes. Any brush can be turned into a fan brush simply by sliding a bobby pin onto the end.
  2. Running low on mascara? – If you are getting to the end of your mascara and it’s not really sating your eyelashes very well, simply place in a mug of hot water and leave for a few minutes. This kind of loosens it off so it applies much more easily.
  3. How to get the most out of your mascara – I have found that if I warm my mascara in my bra before I apply it, it works so well and applies much easier and more evenly!
  4. Vaseline does EVERYTHING! – Vaseline actually has sooo many uses! This includes eyelash conditioner, eye makeup remover, sub for lip gloss, applied for perfume to make it last longer, treats dry skin and can be mixed with lipstick to create a cream blush!
  5. Heating your eyelash curlers? – Using heat on your eyelash curler is like using a curling wand on your hair. A heated curler can help the curl last longer! But make sure it’s not too hot just warm works best!
  6. Multi-use products! – bronzers, blushers and highlighters can all be used as eye shadow if you don’t have your eye shadow palette or don’t have any space to take one away when you are travelling.
  7. Tired eyes? – White or light coloured eye liners can be used on your bottom water line to make your eyes pop and look wider!
  8. Too lazy to remove makeup at the end of the day? – keep your makeup wipes near or under your bed so you can remove your makeup without having to move fro your bed on those nights when you just cannot be bothered!
  9. So you’ve run out of dry shampoo? – Talc can be used in the same way as dry shampoo in an emergency, but be sure to go lightly as it can often leave a lot of white powder behind, giving your hair a kind of grey look!
  10. Lot’s of flyaway hairs? – Using an old toothbrush you can easily tame your flyaway hairs to create a more sleek hair look!
  11. Bobby pins falling out? – Spraying your bobby pins with hairspray helps them to stay in better as it gives them more grip.
  12. Greasy hair? – rinse hair with cold water after washing it to help close the pores and reduce the amount of oil produced.
  13. Smashed a highlighter or powder? – Use rubbing alcohol and mix with the loose powder to create a paste then allow it to dry and your powder should set again. It will be a little messy but will at least be all stuck together again!
  14. Want to add more volume to your lashes? – Adding some baby powder to your lashes using a cotton bud can add some serious volume. Just be careful not to get the powder in your eye as it hurts A LOT!
  15. Bought a foundation that is too dark? – Adding some moisturiser to the foundation mix can help to lighten it up a bit.

I really enjoyed researching, testing and writing this blog post so let me know if you have any more hacks or if you would like to see similar posts in the future!? Thanks so so much for reading!


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  1. 17/02/2019 / 8:47 pm

    Loved this post!! Always on the hunt for new girly beauty hacks btw I did a post similar to this!! Feel free to check it out 💓✨ 10 Girl Survival Hacks

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