How To Get Up Early

For me, waking up early means falling out of bed, stumbling around like a zombie until I’ve had several cups of coffee, and then taking an afternoon nap to attempt to catch up on my sleep. So I can safely say I am definitely not a morning person but over time I have managed to gather a few hints and tips to make getting up early a little bit easier.

Prepare the night before – I have found that preparing the evening before has helped me to become more of a morning person. This includes things like packing your bag, laying out your clothes and making a list of things you need to accomplish the next day! This means that you are in less of a rush and not as overwhelmed in the morning. It also means you can take your time and don’t have to get up as early! win win!

Go to sleep early  This is a pretty obvious one, the earlier you go to bed the more sleep you get and the easier it will be to get up in the morning! You should aim for about 7-10 hours sleep, I usually have about 8 hours so I feel pretty well rested the next day. I also like to make sure I go to bed at the same time most nights as this helps get me into a routine that works for me!

Put your alarm away from your bed – This is a brutal way to wake yourself up but it definitely works! Once I’m up and about, I’m pretty much awake for good so by putting my phone across my room when the alarm goes off I have to get up and go.

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than you actually have to get up – I do this pretty much everyday as it feels like I’m getting a lie in but I’m really not! I usually use my extra 15 minutes to just snooze or quickly go on my phone, I think it makes a huge difference to my mornings!

Start your day off right – This tip includes things like having a big breakfast to give you energy for the day, having that magical cup of coffee or beginning your day doing something you enjoy like watching Youtube or listening to your favourite music.

Stick to your wake up time – as hard as this is, it does work! I try to get up at the same time every day even when I’m not working! It just means that your body gets in a routine and gets used to being up at that time so it doesn’t seem so hard to get up on work days!

So these are my tips for becoming a morning person and getting up early! I hope they are helpful and thanks so much for reading!

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