Moving From Blogger To WordPress

I’ve been thinking about moving from Blogger to WordPress for quite a while now. I’ve always struggled using Blogger as I feel that you need to be pretty good at coding and techy stuff but I’m just really not! So for the past week or so I have been reading into moving over to WordPress and integrating my blog. On Wednesday I decided to take the plunge and make the move! I thought I would address this in a blog post to explain how, why and what I think of the move in case anybody else is in the same situation or considering the move. I would have found a post like this super helpful, so hopefully I can help someone else to make the best decision for them!


So why did I make the move?

  • Better design options – I found from the start that Blogger was quite limited in terms of design. There was little to offer in terms of themes that look professional and are suited to match all types of blogs such as travel, food or fashion. I also find that WordPress is just much easier to use when building up a design from scratch and creates a much nicer final result.
  • Better Control – I have found that with WordPress I have more control over my blog in terms of designs and changes. This is even more so if you go self hosted! It is also so easy to manage with any changes made in seconds and clear results. You can also manage more than 1 blog easily from the WordPress dashboard if needed!
  • More interaction with other bloggers – This was the main appeal of WordPress for me. It creates a little community that makes it incredibly easy to follow other blogs, see posts from them, like and comment. When using Blogger I didn’t really have much interaction with other bloggers except through Twitter, Instagram, etc. But, I have already seen a huge increase in interaction since joining WordPress which makes me so happy!
  • Faster – Generally I have heard and found out that WordPress loads and updates so much faster as Blogger only has one page of HTML for doing everything which makes it slower. Whereas WordPress does not have this so loads faster and plugins can be used easily to increase this speed even further.
  • More plugins – WordPress has a much wider variety of plugins and they are so much easier to implement. In blogger to add plugins you often have to edit the HTML and use codes. But WordPress does this for you! You just install the plugin and there is no need to be an IT expert!

How did I move my blog over?

So after I decided I wanted to make the move I needed to know how to do it! These were the resources I used to move it over myself.

I know a lot of people hire someone to do this professionally which would probably be a much better idea as they would do it accurately and make sure everything is moved over and correct but I’m a poor student so I can’t afford this sooo I did it myself!

I did have an issue with the permalinks but I am taking down my old blog so this should no longer be a problem. I really don’t know how to explain how I made the move so hopefully these links are as helpful to you as they were for me but if you do have any questions, feel free to message me on Twitter! (Linked here)

Overall what do I think?

I LOVE IT! I really don’t think that I could be happier with the result. I love the look and design of my blog so much more as I think it just looks so much more professional! I managed to redesign my blog so much more easily and with a much better outcome than I ever could on Blogger. The WordPress dashboard is much clearer and easier to use and I have received so much more interaction which makes me so much more positive about my blog. The move has made me so so happy and excited for the future of my blog on this new platform! I am a little sad to leave my original little Blogger blog behind but I do think it is for the best and I am thrilled at the prospect of whats to come on my lovely new blog!

What do you think of Blogger and WordPress? Have you made the move or are you considering it?

Let me know in the comments! Thank you so much for reading and here’s to the future of Little World Of Rachel!!

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