Blossoming Hearts Award

I was lucky enough to be nominated by the lovely Emily from Yes Whale for the Blossoming Hearts Award, and I am over the moon! Her post was so wonderful, kind and a reminder of how important blogger friends are as well as the difference they can make. Emily’s continued support means so so much to me and I am incredibly grateful. She has helped me so much, right from the start of my blogging journey and I really don’t know where I’d be without her!


The Blossoming Hearts Award was created by Jay, a hugely loving and supporting blogger who you can check out on Twitter or here is his blog! The idea behind this award is to thank three bloggers for everything they do for you, and the community. However, There are a few rules you need to follow!



  • Thank three people you want to and give a shout out to any others you wish, you can write as much or as little as you want to. (These people do not have to be your nominations).
  • Nominate three people. If you are nominated again after posting, a tweet of thanks and appreciation is enough.
  • This is all about love and support so thank the person who nominated you, and congratulations if you are nominated.


Bailey Leah Blogs

Bailey is so lovely. I’ve followed her from almost the start of my blogging journey. She constantly lights up my Twitter timeline with her support and positive energy. Bailey continues to support all my posts and leaves me lovely comments. On top of this she has an AMAZING blog! Her layout is stunning and her posts are always well-written and a pleasure to read! Her posts are mainly beauty, lifestyle and skincare which I find super interesting and I always look forward to reading her new posts! It has been a pleasure to get to know Bailey and she deserves all the support you can give her!

Blogging By Soph

I found Sophie the first day that I created a Twitter for my blog and shes been a beacon of light since! Firstly, Sophie created my STUNNING blog header which I will forever be grateful for! She has shown me guidance and support on many occasions and without this help I would have been lost! Sophie has a wonderful blog and posts many interesting lifestyle, mental health and blogging advice posts. She tackles some very important topics such as domestic violence, including a quest post from her mum on the issue which was an incredibly brave and moving post. I have huge respect for Sophie and am so thankful that I met her so early on in my blogging journey!

Love Soph Blogs

Sophie is a wonderful person and blogger. I am so incredibly grateful for the endless support that she has shown me. Her comments are always so positive and make me feel 10x better. I recently tweeted about results day and starting uni and she replied with so much love and good vibes for which I am so very grateful. Sophie’s blog covers lifestyle, beauty and everything in between! She writes with huge amounts of positivity and passion and I always get excited when she uploads a new blog post! Her blog layout is BEAUTIFUL and her photography is amazing! I can’t wait to continue to read your blog, keep going girl your doing fab!

I am nominating Bailey, Sophie and Sophie for this award as I feel they are all incredibly deserving as they have shown me so much continued love and support of which I am incredibly grateful for! Congratulations and I can’t wait to see your posts!

Thank you for reading!


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