August Summary And September Goals


I feel like August has been a crazy month for me! So much has happened and that’s why I have been slacking on the blog front! I spent the first 9 days of the month in Zante on holiday with my family where I had a fab time! But since I returned home I have spent a majority of my time either at work or blogging which I’ve quite enjoyed!

My August goals were:

  • 900 Twitter followers
  • 100 Blog followers
  • Set up a new Instagram and build up my Pinterest
  • Regular blog content

My first two goals were absolutely SMASHED and I am so so grateful! At the time I am writing this post I’ve reached a 1312 Twitter followers which is just insane and 130 blog followers! I still cannot quite believe these numbers, it feels surreal! But it just shows me that my hard work does pay off!

Over the month I’ve slowly been building up my Instagram (I will link it here) and I’m finally super proud of my feed. I also turned my personal Pinterest into one that I can use for my blog and I’ve been really enjoying pinning! I’m always looking for new bloggers to follow on Pinterest so feel free to drop me them links in a comment or Dm me on Twitter! So I think my third goal for August was pretty successful as well!

Unfortunately, my last goal hasn’t been met this month as I’ve TERRIBLE at putting out constant blog posts and I’m so annoyed at myself! But when I don’t feel inspired I don’t like to write posts just for the sake of it so I just miss an upload day. But if anything I think this has inspired me even more to make sure I have consistent posts this month as I know I let myself down in August!

So I’ve decided that my September goals are:

  • 1400 Twitter followers
  • 150 Blog followers
  • Consistent blog content on Wednesdays and Sunday’s
  • Continue to build up my Instagram and Pinterest

I’m feeling very exited for this month and positive that I will work hard for my goals!What are you goals for September? Let me know as I’d love to help out in any way! Thanks so much for reading!

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