DIY Gifts and Decorations | Blogmas Day 9

Hiya everyone and welcome to Blogmas Day 9!

If you know me, then you will know that I LOVE making crafts and homemade presents! So today I thought it would be super fun to make a post with a few different ideas of Gifts and decorations that are really easy and affordable to make! I hope you enjoy, so let’s get cracking!

Festive light bowl

Every year I see these super cute globes and bowls with festive lights in them and I ALWAYS want to buy them! But then I see the price (usually about £15) and I just can’t justify it! So I thought I’d set myself the challenge of making my own and honestly I am so so happy with how it turned out! It cost me about £5 all together which I think is pretty darn good. I bought the cocktail bowl from Poundland for, you guessed it, 1 pound! The fairy lights were from Primark for £2.50 and the acorns, bells and pine cones were all from Wilko for £1 each. Then I just put the battery pack in the bottom with Christmassy things on the top to hide it and that was it, super easy and super cheap!

Rein-beer Bottles

I saw this on Pinterest and saved it straight away to make this Christmas! I thought this looked like such a fun way to present bottles as gifts. This is so easy and won’t even take 2 minutes! You only need a bottle of drink, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and pom-poms! Simply tie on the pipe cleaners and stick on the eyes as well as a nose and bobs your uncle! I love this because it is really simple but effective.

DIY Baubles

I made some of my own baubles a couple of years ago as I was doing fundraising to go to India with World Challenge so I thought it might be fun to make some more this year. I picked up some baubles from Wilko, it was 2 empty baubles that you can open and fill up with whatever you want for £1. Then I just put bows in one of them and pom-poms in the other but you could put glitter, fake snow, small bells, or anything else!

Sock Cupcakes

This was another Pinterest find and I think it is such a cute, creative way to present fluffy socks. All you need is a pair of fluffy socks, a cupcake case template and a little pom-pom. I found the case template on Simply print the template out onto card, sellotape it together then roll the socks and place them into the case. I then added a little pom-pom on top to finish it but I also saw some pictures where people put a lipstick or nail polish on top which is a super cute idea and would go perfectly with a pamper gift!

Lollipop Stick Snowman

Whenever my cousin comes over, she loves to make crafts so I’m always on the look out for new things to make with her. My Mam found this one on Pinterest and I thought I’d give it a go. I just cut some different shapes out of paper and felt then stuck them on with sticky pads, as well as googly eyes. I then plan on adding a little loop of ribbon to the back so that we can hang them on the Christmas tree!

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Have you made any Christmas crafts this year? Are you going to try any of these?

Have you seen Blogmas day 8? You can check it out here!

And as always thank you so much for reading!

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