5 Festive Family Games | Blogmas Day 19

Hello everyone and welcome to blogmas day 19!

Christmas time for me is all about getting to spend more time with my family and make new memories. From Christmas Eve onwards we always have family and friends over so we like to find something fun to do together and pass the time! So here are 5 of my favourite games to play during the festive season!

1. Board games

I have always loved board games and Christmas is the perfect excuse to get them out and get everyone involved! A favourite for me is Monopoly, even though it usually causes a few arguments! This is perfect for boxing day when you’ve not got much else to do as it fills a LOT of time. I also love The Game Of Life and Sorry! They are fun and easy to play and allow all of the family to join in.

2. Cards

Cards are a perfect game to play on an evening as there are so many options of games! Some of my favourite games to play are Cheat, go fish and blackjack. Speaking of cards, I also love UNO as it is a classic card game and super easy for everyone to join in! I love how you never know who is going to win and rounds often don’t take too long so it doesn’t get dragged out or boring!

3. Video games

For my family, the Wii never gets boring! There are so many games you can play as a family for some light-hearted competition, like Mario kart, Wii sports and Just Dance. We also love to play Trivial Pursuit on the PS4 and compete against each other by answering quiz questions!

4. Quiz cardsĀ 

As I mentioned before, we love doing quizzes and having some friendly competition within the family! So we often play with quiz cards such as The Chase, Trivial Pursuit and the Ultimate Movie Quiz cards! I’m absolutely terrible at them by it’s great fun anyway!

5. Charades

This game is always a laugh, especially after a few drinks! It’s fun, easy and everyone can get stuck in!

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What games do you like to play at Christmas? Let me know!

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And as always thanks for reading!

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  1. 19/12/2018 / 9:15 pm

    Great ideas, with these games it will be fun holidays

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