What I do on Christmas Day | Blogmas Day 22

Hiya everyone and welcome back to blogmas!

I love hearing about how other people spend their Christmas as well as their traditions and routines. So today I thought it would be fun to share what I do on Christmas day, so I hope you enjoy!

By this time my family and I have usually woken up and will head downstairs to share and open our presents!

After the presents have been exchanged, we have some breakfast, whether that i bacon sandwiches, pancakes or just chocolate! Then we all chill out and watch a bit of TV or some movies.

Other members of the family come over around 11 and 12 and we swap some more presents and usually have the first drink of the day!

My Mam has usually been cooking dinner all day and we finally sit down to eat at about 1-2pm, snap our crackers, have a few more drinks and a yummy dessert too!

Once we have filled ourselves to the brim with festive food, we crash out on the sofa and enjoy some rubbish TV or play some games as family.

At about 4pm we head over to visit other members of the family where we exchange more gifts, have a little buffet/ party food tea and just relax, spending time as a family!

Then when it gets a bit late and we are feeling tired, we head home and usually watch The Royle family on TV before falling into bed about 10 stones heavier than we woke up this morning!

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What do you do on Christmas day?

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And as always thanks so much for reading!

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