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Hiya everyone and welcome back to my blog!

My first week of uni has come to an end and I can officially call myself a student nurse! This is the first post of hopefully many in my new nursing series. I thought it might be fun to start off with a little summary of my week and what I got up to, so if you are thinking about nursing or are just curious, I hope you enjoy!

Sunday 20th January

Today was the day that I moved into my university accommodation. It was a day of mixed emotions, in particular excitement and nerves! My Mam and Dad drove me down in the early afternoon and helped me carry my things up to my room (which took ages because I brought SOO much stuff!). Then they stayed for a little while as I unpacked but then I had to say goodbye. This was one of the weirdest feelings I’ve ever had, just watching them walk away, leaving me in a new place where I know nobody! After sorting out some things in my room I went to put some things in the kitchen where three of my flat mates were sitting, so I had a little chat with them and watched a movie too. Then everyone headed back to their rooms and I was just alone with my thoughts which really made me want to go home! I hardly slept as I was SO nervous and kept waking up every hour plus my neck was really sore from my new bed!

Monday 21st January

I woke up at about 7 to have a shower and get ready for my first day! I didn’t have any breakfast because I was too nervous to eat. I met a girl who I found on Facebook that is on my course and living in the same student accommodation too, we walked over together. Once we found where we were supposed to be after getting lost a few times, we started our first talk. Throughout the day we discussed the programme, modules, placement, meet our field leaders and had the opportunity to ask any questions. Afterwards I popped to Aldi with the girl I met earlier that day to get a couple of food things before I went for my big shop later in the week. I spent my night watching Netflix and eating macaroni cheese from a sachet, lovely. But I was then invited to the quiz at the student union with my flat which was nice as I got to know them a bit better! I felt better tonight as I think I’m starting to adjust but I am still missing home a lot!

Tuesday 22nd January

I was up bright and early again today for more talks at uni. It was pretty much just information overload again! I just want to get started now with proper lectures and nursing things but I suppose they’ve got to get all of the key info out of the way first. After uni I went home and had a nap as I am VERY tired. I don’t think that I am sleeping very well in a different bed. I was woken up by one off the many loud bangs I hear in student halls, realised the time and started to get ready. My brother was on placement at a nearby hospital so we arranged to meet up for a Nando’s with his girlfriend as well. It was so nice to spend some time with some familiar faces and not have awkward small talk with people I don’t know, which made a change from the rest of the week so far! I got back and pretty much went straight to bed.

Wednesday 23rd January

I was able to have a lie in today as all I had on at uni that day was an Ipad talk about how we are going to be using them in our course and different apps that we will be using. After uni, I met my friend on my course and we went to do our first big food shop at Aldi. I didn’t realise how heavy shopping bags get when you’ve got a 10 minute walk back and 3 flights of stairs to climb, I felt like my arms were going to snap off! I chilled for a while, had my tea and got ready for my first night out with my flat mates. I went with the two girls I live with and two more of their friends, it was a little awkward at first but I enjoyed myself overall! I got home at 2:30am and crawled straight into bed.

Thursday 24th January

After only 3 hours sleep I got up and got ready for another full day of uni which was perhaps my favourite day at uni so far. We were discussing the core values of nursing and got the opportunity to meet some service users who told us about their experience of the NHS and what they look for in nurses. I found it so interesting and loved meeting people and hearing their thoughts. After uni, I went to buy some popcorn because I was just craving it, exciting I know haha! When I got home I tried to set up my printer an failed miserably so I went to the library to test out theirs and see how it easy it was to use. It was mission successful.

Friday 25th January

It was up at 6am as I had to travel to another university campus that is in a different town to the rest of the uni so I had to get the train there nice and early! We were doing a special IPL (Inter-professional learning) session which was about how different occupations work together within a healthcare environment, such as nurses, OTs, physios and more! It was quite interesting and we did some team building which was fun too! I got home after a few hours and had a lovely nap. When I woke up, I went into the kitchen to cook my tea and a few of my flat mates were there so I had a nice conversation with them while cooking my tea (popping chicken, chips and spaghetti hoops! YUM!). After tea I facetimed my friends for a couple of hours and had an early night to try and catch up on my sleep!

Saturday 26th January

After a lovely lie in, I got up, had a shower and washed my hair to get ready for the day. I pretty much spent the whole day watching Netflix, organising my room and completing my uni work. But later that evening, two of my best friends came down to visit me which was so lovely! We went for a meal and just had a little catch up, hi if your reading lol. After they left I pretty much went straight to bed because I was just exhausted!

Overall I enjoyed my first week of uni. It had some highs and some lows but I am incredibly excited to get started for real and begin my journey to become a qualified nurse!

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Do you go to uni or are you planning on it? What are you studying/ want to study?

As always, thanks for reading!

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