Why I chose to study Nursing

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Today is a post that I’m really excited about! I’m going to tell you why I chose to study nursing At university. In my experience, a lot of people my age seem to choose to do general subjects that they enjoy to study at university, while others just seem to go for the ‘uni experience’. I’ve known for a while now that I didn’t want to study a specific subject at university and that I wanted to do something vocational instead. I never really enjoyed school, I hated most of my lessons and honestly just felt bored a majority of the time. Not only that but university is so expensive these days that I think you’ve got to really want to go and study something specific in order to justify the money and future debt. So a degree where there is a job at the end, was definitely the route for me. Also, with the desperate need for nurses these days, I knew there would also be lots of employment opportunities.

One of the main reasons I chose to become a nurse was through my own personal experience. When I was about 11, I lacerated my liver while out walking my uncles dog. At first me and my family thought I was winded or was just generally unwell so we didn’t do anything about it. Over the next few days I just got worse and worse until I was fainting every time I stood up. My parents decided to take me to A&E and I stayed in the first hospital for about 2 days. They really weren’t sure what was wrong with me and honestly I can’t even remember being there as I was so unwell. But they decided to send me to another hospital to see a liver specialist. Once I arrived there, I had all sorts of scans and they found that I had lacerated (basically ripped) my liver and I had been internally bleeding for 4 days.

They told me I was incredibly lucky that it didn’t completely rupture so I was prepped in case I needed emergency surgery, was given 2 blood transfusions (as I had become anaemic) and stayed in hospital for about 2-3 weeks. After I was allowed home I had to stay off school for a while (which I was pretty happy about!) but after a few months I was completely discharged. Luckily, livers regenerate so I just had to wait for it to heal itself.

But one of the things that I remember most from my experience is the way the nurses treated me and how they hugely improved the time that I had to spend there! So to be honest with you, I was inspired by their work and dedication that I wanted to give back and do the same for other people! Since then I kept thinking about how great it would be to be a nurse and honestly I couldn’t really see myself doing anything else when asked what I wanted to do with my life. Even now I don’t know what else I could be studying or working as in the future.

I have always wanted a job where I am able to make a difference to people and leave at the end of the day knowing that I have done something good. I could never see myself working in an office or sitting in one place all day. I have worked in a children’s soft play and a fast food place but I found them both to be so incredibly boring as I did the same thing over and over again. I hate repetition so a job like nursing, where every day is different, hugely appeals to me!

I also love a challenge and learning about things that actually interest me. Learning about the human body, how it functions and how to fix it when it isn’t working properly are amazing topics to me and I can’t wait to learn more throughout my training as a student nurse. I have so much respect for nurses and other healthcare professionals and I am beyond excited to join them.

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  1. 19/03/2019 / 12:08 pm

    Nurse is truly one of the underpaid jobs compared to the amount of work and stress that come with it. #respect

    • Rachel
      19/03/2019 / 9:38 pm

      Thank you so much! xx

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