10 Ways To Be More Productive

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I asked for some blog post suggestions a few weeks ago and a few people asked for tips to become more productive, whether that’s with studying or blogging. I am constantly procrastinating and often find myself missing blog upload days or cramming the night before an exam, so over the years I’ve developed some tips and tricks to be more productive and get on with things!

1. Make to-do lists

I absolutely love lists. For me, I feel so much more organised when everything I need to do is all gathered in one place. It’s also really satisfying to tick things off the list as you go along so you can physically see all of your tasks being completed. My life would be a mess without my to-do lists!

2. Time management

It’s important to track your time wisely and divide it up by task. So you don’t spend too long on something that does not require it. It also means that you will be able to get as many tasks as possible completed in the day and will feel much more productive at the end of it!

3. Break up tasks into smaller goals

By breaking up tasks, it means that your goals become much more manageable. I much prefer to work through a big task by dividing it up and doing lot’s of little things. When you just have one huge task, it can feel overwhelming and put you off tackling it! So break up it and work through it little by little.

4. One task at a time

There’s no point in doing 100 things at the same time because you’ll just get stressed, forget things and you won’t do as good of a job. Don’t get swamped by tasks, work your way through them methodically and do one thing at a time. It may feel like it will take longer but you will be able to get on with things much faster, so it will overall be much quicker!

5. Find out how long you work best for

I’ve found out that I work best for about an hour, followed by a short break then I am able to continue with my work. You just need to try different methods and timings and see what works best for you! This way you can be more productive by only working for the length of time you will actually get things done in.

6. Tidy your area

A cluttered space = a cluttered mind! If my room is a mess I just can’t get productive and instead just get distracted by how messy it is. So before I get started on my work I like to take a little time to tidy up and put things away so I can properly get started on my work!

7. Take breaks

Nobody can sit and work for hours on end so make sure that you take some time out now and again. Whether that’s to watch a quick episode of your favourite TV show or make yourself a cup of tea, always take time out to rest and recharge!

8. Teamwork

If you’ve got a big task or are feeling overwhelmed, it’s alright to ask for help to get things done! Working together with someone else can make things much easier, more fun and quicker. So get your friends and family involved and get that stuff done!

9. Put that phone away

I’m the worst at getting distracted by my phone. I could scroll through Twitter or Instagram for hours on end and as soon as I see one notification flash up or my phone vibrates, I just have to have a look! So put it on silent and away in a drawer or if you have absolutely no self-control give it to someone else to make sure you can’t get it back until you complete a certain task!

10. Reward yourself

Worked hard? Got everything done that you needed to? Then treat yo self! Have your favourite food, watch a movie or go out! Whatever you want to do, do it!

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How do you stay productive? Let me know below!

And as always, thanks so much for reading!


  1. 20/03/2019 / 5:11 pm

    I am such a lists person, if I don’t have a list I never remember what I need to do! These are some really great tips, some things I’d never thought of before! ^.^

    • Rachel
      20/03/2019 / 8:20 pm

      Me too!! Thanks so much! 🙂 x

    • Rachel
      11/04/2019 / 9:08 am

      Thank you!! I totally agree!! 🙂 x

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