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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

It’s been a little while since my last post so I thought it would be a nice to give you all a little update on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. 2019 has been already been a crazy year for me: I started university at the end of January, began studying adult nursing, moved away, met lot’s of new people and missed home like crazy! But all in all, I have LOVED it! My first term as a student nurse is officially over now, so where have I been this past month!?

lectures, lectures, lectures.

Before I even began my course this year I knew that it was going to be very busy! Nursing is a full-time degree and has significantly less holidays than most other courses. This is because in order to become a qualified nurse, I must complete a specific number of hours in theory and in practice. This means each week at uni/ theory, I am supposed to 37.5 hours including lectures and private study. But I am finding the content so interesting, which means that I don’t usually mind going into uni!


I had my first exam a couple of weeks ago and I’m super proud of myself! I worked really hard and made sure to do plenty of revision as I wanted to start the year positively with a good mark. I get my results on the 26th of April (which is my birthday so let’s hope it’s good news!!) and I am really looking forward to finding out what I have got! The exam was on anatomy and physiology which I was actually quite confident with as I did A level biology in sixth form, which gave me some background knowledge. It was also multiple choice which I was incredibly happy about!


After my exam I felt so relieved! I only had a couple of days of lectures left before the Easter break so I was able to just relax! I went out with my flatmates, watched a lot of Netflix and ate lot’s of food! After all I thought I should treat myself because I deserve it right?!

Travelling home and catching up.

With term 1 over and done with, it was time to head home for Easter. I packed up all my things and managed to convince my Dad to come and pick me up from university! It was so lovely to come home, sleep in my own bed and catch up with everyone. I miss my family and friends a lot when I’m at university so I loved coming home, chatting to my family and meeting up with all of my friends again!

Weekend away.

After a week chilling at home, I spent a weekend away with my Mam, Dad and brother in Wooler. The weather was a bit rubbish but it was nice to go away for a couple of days. We went out for some food, a few drinks and went for a hike on the Saturday. My Grandma and Grandad then came up on the Sunday for a meal and a short walk which was lovely to see them!

Looking forward.

Term 2 is looking to be a busy one! I have 5 weeks at university, study weeks and then I head out into my first placement! I am incredibly excited but still pretty nervous to actually get out there in practice! I’m not sure where I am going to be yet but I am really looking forward to finding out where I am going to be. I am also thinking of making this type of post into a series called the ‘Student Nurse Diaries’ so let me know if you would be interested in that!

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As always, thanks so much for reading! And thank you Laura for encouraging me to get back into blogging, love ya!

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