What’s in my Carry On Bag

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As you are reading this post, I’m setting off on my holiday to Zante with my besties. So today I thought I would share my carry on bag essentials, make sure to share yours in the comments below!

Phone, Camera and headphones.

These are my 3 essentials! My phone is my music player, map and access to social media so I’d be pretty lost without it! I can’t go anywhere without my headphones, music helps to pass the time and also helps me to fall asleep on the plane. I also like to take my big camera to take some higher quality pictures whilst I’m away! I’ll use these pictures in a future blog post about my trip!


Sunglasses are lifesavers and I take them everywhere! Tired eyes? Sunglasses. Too bright? Sunglasses. Headache? Sunglasses. Hungover? Sunglasses. Cool hair accessory? Sunglasses. Perfect for everything haha!


I’m not usually a big reader but when it comes to holidays, I seem to read loads! So I always make sure to pack a couple of books to keep my busy whilst I’m sat around the pool or at the beach. This year I’m reading ‘This is going to hurt’ by Adam Kay and ‘The Beach’ by Alex Garland. Both I’ve which I’ve read before but they’re my favourites!


I wouldn’t get very far without my purse! This includes pounds and holiday currency as well as ID, bank cards and my EHIC card just in case I need it.

Lip balm, tissues, wipes and paracetamol.

These are a few essentials that I like to take with me on flights just to feel fresh and comfortable. They always seem to come in handy!


An essential, definitely don’t forget this!

Holiday documentation.

This includes things like insurance, tickets, transfer vouchers, hotel vouchers, booking forms and the like. I like to keep these all together in a little wallet so I know exactly where to find them and they can’t get lost!

Portable charger.

This is a must for me as I’m on my phone a lot, the battery goes down pretty quickly. So I like to recharge it on the plane using my portable charger!

Snacks and a drink.

I’m always hungry so I like to take snacks with me! And you’ve got to make sure to stay hydrated so a bottle of water is a good idea!

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What are your carry on essentials?

As always, thanks for reading!

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